Future empires are empires of mind. A prosperous country is one which has more intellectual property than material property; number of patents are more meaningful than number of missiles. Innovation, excellence and inclusion are prime concerns of every society and in particular for any profession.

Legal profession in particular demands new ideas, interpretation and great intellect. Law changes with the change in the society. Law is not an antique to be taken down, dusted, admired and put back on the shelf. It is a dynamic instrument for bringing about development; the development which is not confined to economic growth, but reaches out to every human being in the country. The focus of law must be human beings. Law is not abstract; it is not a set of mechanical rules. It has a social purpose and an economic mission. Therefore, in a developing country like India, law must be dynamic and not static. Law must not be inhibited by the past; it must look out into the future, and satisfy the hopes, aspirations of the people. As observed by Cardozo: “The inn that shelters for the night is not the journey's end, law like the travelers must be ready for tomorrow.”

The intellectuals of the society owe a moral duty to review and redesign the law as per the demands of the society. Researchers are true parents of modern legislation. One idea, one innovation and one new interpretation can change the lives of millions. Justice for all is justice for me.

Through Bharati Law Review every effort has been taken by us to inspire the young researchers to pen down their thoughts of innovations to promote quality in the content of law. Laws are not dead letters; they must breathe for the society.

Prof. Dr. Mukund Sarda
B.Sc, LL.M, NET, Ph.D,
(Triple Gold medalist), D.Litt.
Dean, Faculty of Law,
Principal, New Law College,
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune